About Us





Life is time, time teach us to grasp every moment & not take anything for granted.


Lesson learned, after going through so many struggles in life only one passion stuck to my heart dearly & that is the passion to create, the passion to learn, the passion to want additional knowledge.


I played with dolls up until I was 14 it was my quiet time, my time to sit & design my dolls dresses from scraps of fabric. As I got older that passion evolved into my dresses, pants & tops. The joy I got when others make a lovely comment on the garments I wore, knowing that I created it how I wanted it to fit & look.

 I learned new and better ways to make them each day and I started my business.

To my aunt, Bev who made my very first homemade garment feels like yesterday I was watching you sew my pants with your hands. To my husband the love of my life for his constant support and encouraging me to follow my dreams and ALL of you who make what I do possible by supporting my work.

I am truly honored to be able to share my designs with the world and I hope that my patterns and designs help you to create your tale to share with your friends & family.